Blessing from an Unknown Source

Many of you know what happened with my wife Rose last friday. If not, you can read about it here. Basically it was something where a lot could have gone wrong but it ended up just being a hassle, something to stress us out, and a $102 tow truck bill.

On Wednesday I was mopping a floor and my boss handed me an envelop that said “personal and confidential” and it was for me. I opened it, there was a note that said “Tyler and Rose- blessings” and inside was $102 cash. I was floored. I still can’t even begin to say thank you to whoever this was. The tow truck bill wasn’t something that was going to break our financial back but it was just something else to hold us back from paying for school and trying to save money. So to this unknown giver: thank you for blessing us. It is so greatly appreciated.

This is on top of a cashier’s check we got in the mail about a month ago for $50. All I know about that is the mail was routed through San Francisco but there was nothing on the envelop or on the check that said anything about who it was from.

Growing up I had always heard stories about how people would need x amount of money to pay for this or that and they would just receive it on the mail or something random like that. Something like this had never happened to me until the past month. I don’t know if it is one person or two or whatever, but Rose and I are so thankful and humbled by all this. It is often said that where God leads, he provides and we really see that God is providing.