I Don't Do Bandwagons

Something about me being a first born makes me stubborn and strong willed. Keep that in mind before you read this statement: I love Coldplay. Now you are probably thinking that I’m just another bandwagon hopper, but that I am not. I have been a fan of Coldplay since 9th grade (yep, 9 years ago) when “Shiver” and “Yellow” were the beginning of what is now musical greatness.

With that said, this has been a great week for music. Coldplay has a new album out, billed as being more experimental. I’d say it lives up to that. They are doing something weird where lots of their songs are actually two songs within one track. I find it kind of annoying. If you only like the 2nd half of a track you have to fast forward through half of it. Other than that, love it. At least 4 of the songs I can’t get enough of.coldplay viva la vida chris martin

Coldplay has always intrigued me. Their music has so much searching and passion in it. This new album is no different, with a lot of lyrics about death. I wish so badly that Chris Martin would not have had the church experience he had growing up. If there are any people reading this who don’t understand the whole emerging thing, Chris Martin is a great example. We have to meet people where they are at with love and grace, something Chris’s church did not do when he was growing up.

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How much do you love Coldplay?