Well here is an announcement I don’t think I have anticpated making.

I am buying a Mac.

After a life of using PC’s, I am switching. I have used a Mac probably less than 15 times in my life. Somehow our paths just never crossed very often. Nonetheless I cannot resist the urge to have iLife.

My plan is to use the student discount to buy the higher end white Macbook. It is basically the same as the trendy black one, with less hard drive space.

I need your help. I know a lot of you who read this are Mac users. As a student who needs to write and read papers, as a musician, as someone who is firmly entrenched in PC world…I need your help. No advice is unwarranted. I am as green as it gets with what to know about switching from PC to Mac.

So let’s hear it!

I’m sure you are probably thinking…”how can he afford to get one…I thought he was a poor seminary student.” I am a poor seminary student, but I’m selling our current computer to my sister before she goes to college. Hence why I am almost able to afford one.