Fortuitous Bouncing

Going on 14 days without rain or sprinkles in Portland. I think all of you East Coast and Midwest readers are starting to understand why you can’t beat Oregon summers. Forecast tomorrow: 82 degrees, early morning clouds, sunny afternoon, 20% humidity, no rain.

This is the 2nd weekend in a row that I am a single man. Still married but without my wife until Sunday night. She is off having a blast at the Houseboat camp on Lake Billy Chinook. How to pass the time? Watch the entire Band of Brothers series for the third time. I swear it gets better everytime!

  1. Los @ Ragamuffin Soul had two posts that generated some awesome discussion. One on what people hate that their worship leader does, the other on what they love that their worship leader does.
  2. After reading those you have to read Billy Chia’s post on how to be an effective worship leader. He also wrote a great post on the difference between giving your worship pastor feedback and criticism.
  3. Sagging is now against the law in Flint, Michigan.
  4. My good friend from college, Brenna, is now blogging. Right now she is in Mauritania, Africa, and she’ll be blogging about her experiences in Africa. Head over and say hi.
  5. My Twins showed really well at the All Star game. Mauer got a hit, Nathan pitched a perfect inning, and Morneau scored the winning run, while also “winning” the Home Run Derby.
  6. Shane Claiborne on how Christians should endorse political candidates.
  7. John Piper on understanding how human pain and God co-exist and what it means for us.
  8. For those of you Twitter users, here are some good ways to take advantage of it.
  9. Why golf is better than soccer. Can I get an amen?!?
  10. Craig Groeschel on the temptation that success brings.