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Closure With the Lie of Healer

The dad of Michael Guglielmucci (the man at the center of this), Danny, spoke at length today at his church about some of the back story behind his son’s lie. With the release of a statement by Michael Guglielmucci and Danny Guglielmucci, and more information to come out behind all this, I am able to move on. I still plan to love and enjoy singing to God with the song Healer. I do believe it is an incredibly powerful song that teaches and sings about truth, Biblical truth. Thanks for all your feedback on my first post about this, it has definitely been helpful for us at Sunset in figuring out how to or not to respond to this story.

Certainly each person who knows the story behind all this either decides to be angry with Michael or to extend grace. While I was confused and somewhat hurt when I first heard the story, I now want to extend grace to him. I can only imagine the amount of pain he feels all on his own without anyone else passing judgment. As Christians, we are called to extend grace in the same way that it has been given to us: FREELY.

Now that more information has come out…do you have any new thoughts?

UPDATE: The newspaper providing much of the coverage of this story has added a poll to one of their articles on whether Michael should be forgiven. Less than 40% say yes. I’m sad for Christianity around the world today. We love to accept grace but we rarely give it. Sad sad sad.

Article on an exclusive interview with Danny Guglielmucci.

Full text of statement issued by Michael Guglielmucci (LINK):

“It is with much pain and sadness that I make this statement today. For over 16 years I have struggled with an addition to adult pornography as a result of this secret life of sin my body would often breakdown. I’d report the cause of my symptoms simply as illnesses and I’ve thrown my life into a ministry for many years trying to compensate for my sin.

I believe that I do love Jesus and I know that he loves me and it is this love along with the prayers of people around the world that bring me to this place of confession. Two years ago, I reported that I was suffering from cancer, the truth is that although I was ill I did not have cancer but was again using the misdiagnosis to hid the lie that I was living. I know in my heart that it is the truth alone that will set me free and this is the reason for my confession. I’ve dishonoured God, my wife, my family and the church and I take full responsibility for my actions and would like to make it very clear that no-one else was in any way aware of my double life.

I’m fully commited to a process of discipline, recovery and restitution and will see this process through to what ever extent is necessary. I am deeply sorry and pray that you will find it in your hearts to forgive me. Currently I am undergoing professional medical assessment and evaluation to help identify and begin to treat the real and much deeper issues. Please continue to pray for my wife and I and my family as we have a long, hard road ahead of us but a road that I’m thankful to God that I’m finally walking.”

Full text of the statement released by Danny Guglielmucci (LINK):

“Today is a very sad day for our family and church family. For many years our son, Michael has suffered from unexplained illnesses. We have been worried as we have seen him suffer and spend periods of time in hospital. Two years ago our lives were totally turned around by the sad news of our sons’ cancer diagnosis. The love and support shown by our local church and all of our many friends around the world helped us get through a very difficult situation.
During the last two years we have experienced the favor of God, his love and grace, and also the constant pain of the possibility of losing a son.

On Tuesday 12th of August we received a call to come and meet with Mike and Amanda but weren’t ready for what we were about to hear. Mike began to share how he has lived a lie for the last 16 years of his life because of addictive behavior he couldn’t break free from. He loved God and would throw himself into prayer, worship, and serving God with full energy and enthusiasm but still couldn’t break free. In September in 2006, Mike had an accident and went to hospital. It was at this time, because of his torment of living a double life, Mike thought he could escape the pain by creating a diversion from his addiction to adult pornography, so he created the cancer scenario. The pain of this addiction was so deep that he started something he couldn’t stop and proceeded on a downward spiral that led to him experiencing pain and suffering that resulted in constant vomiting and many other symptoms of a genuine sufferer.

Sharonne and I witnessed these episodes and pained and wept over his suffering. Michael wrote the song Healer because he wanted God to set him free from his addiction but hid it behind the lie of a fabricated illness. Once he had started down this track he felt he couldn’t stop so he continued to act out this sickness, feeling he had gone too deep into the lie. I can’t begin to tell you how much this is hurting us on the inside. A few weeks ago Mike had a dream of Jesus on the cross looking down on him saying, ‘the truth will set you free’ and so he decided to confess and bring everything out into the open.

I immediately contacted our National Executive and submitted to their advice and council. Church, our family needs your prayers at this time. We are so, so sorry to bring you into this. I have lead you with openness and integrity and declare that we have not lived a lie before you. We fully understand the questions, shock, disbelief and even anger you may feel over this announcement. Please pray for us and we will pray for you. Michael is struggling with a different kind of illness and is receiving professional help and will do so as long as is needed. On the council and advice of our executive and board, after our up and coming Edge conference, we will take time to be with Mike and get him all the professional and spiritual help he needs to come to full recovery.

We have an amazing team. Thank you, executive, board, staff and church, for your love and support. We will do what is right before God and man and see this situation turned around for the glory of God. We love you. “

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  • Fred F. McKinnon

    Thanks for the links … I’ve not had the time to follow the developing story, and will at some point need to post it as well .. .thanks for the links!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  • Don Hofer

    God is the Healer, regardless of the disease.

  • Yonas

    Great statement.


    yeah…man….rough stuff… my church has been loving this song. i guess i choose grace over anger.

  • Don Hofer

    Believe it or not I have started a blog. Have to keep up with my wife. I have decided to write a blog titled “Healer”. Just wanted to weigh in further on the subject. if you’re interested.

  • janowen

    Tyler, I actually immediately thought there had to be a “story behind the story”. I never really dreamed he would do it for money or fame. It was just too weird. It was interesting to me that he could not admit his true illness – sin and addiction – so he coped in this way. That really spoke deeply to me – I think there is something very profound there if we will stop and pay attention. I believe we can all learn from it.

    In psalm 51 David says “you desire honesty from the inmost being so that you can teach me to be wise” (that’s the Jan’s memory paraphrase). I think we struggle with being honest even with ourselves, and many are trapped in living a lie because of it.

    I have a friend who is a porn addict and he was caught, lost his job, was cast out of his church, and went into a lockdown facility (in there with sexual molestors, etc). He now claims getting caught was the best thing that could have happened to him, although he wanted to die at the time.

    I’m still chewing on it. It all makes me very sad.

  • eric lopez

    honesty is amazing! in my opinion he he did the right thing by confronting it. i’ll definately be praying for him.

  • ash

    after reading the statements…it’s interesting to see how mind over matter works. the brain was given the amazing ability to do whatever it wants and it starts in our thoughts. he was able to make himself sick by the shear idea of it b/c he felt sick in spirit…and like a vicious cycle it produced a form of physical illness that was not cancer even if it looked like cancer. i can have grace over that…even compassion b/c on some level he was desperate to get rid of his sin…even if it was the wrong way. it is amazing what God’s forgiveness can do and i’m glad that it has humbled him.

  • Jenni Clayville

    Though this is all sad, it makes me even more sad that only 55% of Christians believe he should be forgiven. Actually… I have to say this angers me. Who are WE to say who is deserving of forgiveness.

    All sins do the same thing to God (and others) – it hurts Him. The fact that MG has confessed, is taking ALL of the responsibility and is seeking help says a lot to me.

    The song, Healer, is now even more powerful, IMO. What he was writing to be healed from was greater than cancer — it had to do the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of his life — his HEART.

    I pray God will not only meet him and heal him… but that God would meet all of US and heal us from our hardened hearts.

    Stepping off my soapbox now. Word!

  • Janet Fraser

    Ditto JClay…
    and… ” Michael wrote the song Healer because he wanted God to set him free from his addiction” well now isn’t that really the point of the song… the universality of God as the Healer… of all, for all…

  • Alan

    I will choose Grace because I’d want it chosen for me. There but for God’s power go anyone of us. Any addict, of any sort, will tell you how lying becomes second nature and the insanity just goes from bad to worse to catastrophic. For those congregations who were touched by the song, they are still touched. It doesn’t negate the power, the message of the fact that God IS HEALER. May our Lord touch and Heal this family in their brokenness and use it to touch others.

    Something to think about…. There are probably men, boys and even some women who sing this song each week who are suffering the same addiction.


  • Tyler

    Love reading all of your responses everyone! It really is an encouragement to hear from believers who choose to love him despite what has happened.

  • kayla

    people say they are christian yet do not forgive a man who has givin so much to the christian community… i this right… aren’t we taught to forgive… and not to judge, because i thought it was God’s job to judge people… not us.
    so maybe those people who voted no to fogiving micheal need to think about who they are.
    he has given so much and helped many… he has also hurt many but forgivness is needed in order to heal.

  • Melanie Ekholm

    after reading this lie about the song really hurts. I myself do battle a long disease. I have battled Epilepsy for 33 years. I am believing that God is my healer and that one day I will be healed. You might have lied about dealing w/ Cancer but I believe that God did give you the words for the song. This has been hard for me to keep telling myself but God can give a person something to minister to others. Even if they are not telling the truth. They are the ones that have to deal w/ their lie. The words to that song are very powerful. It is the person that has to deal w/ the way they delievered it and more. So I forgive you for what you did. Just all I ask for you to do now is stand in the gap and believe w/ me for my healing.

  • Drew

    Keep Mike and the family in prayer… as i said in my last post and many of you have echoed, I do believe Mike, I am sure that he

    We haven’t used the song to this point and to be honest I don’t see why we would start now but that’s by the by. I just hope he can get his life in order, and live submitted to the total will of God. Forget the ministry, forget anything else, just get that sorted out and honour God. Let Him determine the path from hereon in.

    Just a thought and not to throw the cat amongst the pigeons but I feel the need to ask… Is it a sad day because people are not willing to forgive, or is it sad because of the failure of Mike and plenty of other leaders and God knows how many more laypeople? People are saying it’s sad because people seem ungracious (and it is don’t get me wrong) but I believe it’s symptomatic… we as the church today do not live lives that line up with the Word of God and I think it comes back to what is being preached, and the prayerlessness of our day. And not surprisingly sin runs rampant and it doesn’t bother us. We’re all delivered spiritually but daily crucifying the flesh is the key and we don’t do it because we’re not told to do it in our day by and large.

    Please please as I said in my other post keep Christ your focus, church. Bless you all

  • Helena

    The song HEALER, its what we all need, Michael included. God gave him the words for GOOD no matter the “other” circumstances. The WORD says we should lift each other up in prayer and love one another. Wasn’t it Jesus who said, “Let you who are without sin, cast the first stone.” God Bless you Michael and heal you from your addiction. I pray for each one against Michael, you need it! We are not called to JUDGE others, that belongs to God Almighty alone. Bless you one and all.

  • Deb

    God gave Michael a gift of songwriting, he used that gift for God. As far as his sin is concerned, Jesus said it best, ” Let him who is w/o sin cast the first stone.” But for the grace of God, we are all found to be with sin. I choose forgiveness, there is no other choice if we are following God’s Word.

  • susan

    Thanks for your post. Mike, his church, and family, need our prayers more than anything else. They need our brotherly and sisterly love. Confession is so good for the soul. Now that the lie has been exposed, satan can no longer use it to torment. I am proud of our brother Mike, for his confession. Dare I say I’m excited for him….excited to see how God will change him, how God will use this to bring glory to Himself…..

  • Lecia

    I know this is way long after you wrote — but I was really having a hard time with knowing what to do with this song. I used “Healer” (without researching it) last summer leading worship at a women’s conference here in Canada. Then a friend showed me the “scandal” and I was so embarrassed – though God used this song as the theme for the conference, and many women were touched by God through it. I was afraid the enemy would use it to destroy what God had done in people’s hearts. So, instead of asking God I dropped it. Then I felt him poking at my heart about it as I’m preparing to do a retreat in Washington, and so I had to look it up. And here you all are with the totally RIGHT perspective. Thank you so much for this blog posting and for all the comments. I have so much peace now that God is doing great things, always looking at the heart, and loving us even when we’re so STUPID! Thanks!

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