Fortuitous Bouncing

My brain is overflowing. That is pretty normal though. Being in seminary provides ongoing learning, but going to see Shane Claiborne and going to the local church seminar as overflowed my brain. On the bright side, it provides a lot of great blog material for next week. THAT is something to look forward to.


  1. The best guide to blogging you can find. Plus, it includes one thought of mine.
  2. Matt Chandler is one of my favorite pastor podcasts. Here is a post on what a typical week looks like for him. Pretty interesting.
  3. I guess it doesn’t snow much in London because they sure have fun when it does. Check out this video of a massive snowball running a Londoner over.
  4. My seminary has a new Dean, this week he wrote a post on his vision for Multnomah Seminary.
  5. Good thought provoking post on Ted Haggard.
  6. Scot McKnight on Obama and God’s sovereignty. Great, great post.