Post-Christian Culture

A couple notable studies came out yesterday. Thanks to Yonas and Adam for tipping them off to me.

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I remember when I first moved to Oregon the big claim to fame was that the northwest was the least churched area in the US. Then when I moved up north (from Salem to Portland), my church would talk about how Washington County (where I live now) was the least churched county in the US. Generally speaking, religious obedience corresponds strongly with church attendance, so many would go on to say that I was in the midst of the least religious place in the United States.

With the new information out today Oregon and Washington County can no longer stake that claim, because it belongs to the Northern New England area of the US now. You can read that article HERE.

Also out today was information that the United States is becoming less and less Christian. What I mean by that is today’s culture is less representative of Christian values than before. You can read that article HERE.

I think you’d probably have to live under a rock to find these conclusions surprising. When a hit song is titled “I Kissed A Girl” and it is written by a girl, I think it is obvious that Christians values aren’t exactly valued today.

In fact I think this kind of trend should be expected. 2nd Timothy 3:1-5 seems to speak towards this in a great way.

What troubles you most about this information?