The Ultimate Prank

Well today is April Fools. Thinking back, I’ve never done a huge prank on April 1st, but I have done my fair share of pranks. I thought I’d share my best prank ever.

My freshman year of college my roommate and I were good friends with some guys across the hall. One day they left their door unlocked so my roommate and I went to the store and bought a condom (don’t worry this is PG rated). Condoms are very flexible and expandable, so we filled a condom with water in the bathroom. We filled the thing so full it was about 4 feet wide. It was so big we both had to carry it and put it on the their top bunk.

One of those guys across the hall came back from work and got all mad about the water filled condom on his bed. So he tried to take it down by himself. Well since the condom had lubrication all over the outside it was pretty hard to pick up all by himself. So…about 20 gallons of water burst unto the floor and got everything in his room wet. So classic.

What is the best prank you have ever pulled?