Fortuitous Bouncing

My sister and her friend are up from San Diego and Long Beach today. Rose and I are going to show them the town (Portland) this afternoon. Too bad it rained overnight. They’ll have to see what Portland is really like…wet.


  1. Remember my “5 reasons seminary is relevant” post. Matt Cleaver was inspired by it to write 2 posts titled “13 reasons why (traditional) seminaries are irrelevant.”
  2. Kay Warren says that puppies aren’t people and we should stop protecting them more than we protect people.
  3. John Stackhouse is doing a series on what good a Christian university education is.
  4. C. Wess Daniels wrote a great post on denominations and church tradition.
  5. Bob Hyatt says we need to Slow Down.
  6. How Michael Beasley made the NBA All-Rookie First Team over Kevin Love I’ll never understand. It makes no sense.
  7. Half of Americans switch their religious affiliation within their lifetimes.


Enjoy your weekend.

  • Ric Wild

    Tyler, I’m grateful for your fortuitous bouncing. Without it I wouldn’t know about anything (OK, so I still have cable news to hype me up about the Swine Flu).

  • Bunk

    First time here and I must say I am liking what I see from your blog.

    Other than that, I want to address the vid of the kid preaching….

    “I may have lost all of my money”……yeah kid , all $5 of your allowance that you get from your mom and dad. Seriously I cant relate.

    “Im paraphrasing ya’ll”…….when I was his age I had no idea what paraphrasing was.

  • 500conversations

    haha.. that kid preaching is ridiculous. I might recommend to my church leadership that our youth pastor’s 7 year old son be given a chance to preach.

    It would probably go like this

    “Okay.. this is weird.. who here has seen Star Wars?”

  • Kurt Brandemihl

    I think that boy was actually a Multnomiah Grad….