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Sovereignty // John Saddington

This post is a part of the Sovereignty of God Blog Series going on throughout the months of July and August. You can read about the series and see a schedule of the posts here. You can subscribe to all the posts here.

Today’s post is from John Saddington. John is the Creative Web Director for North Point Ministries and is a WordPress genius. He blogs at Human3rror and also at ChurchCrunch, one of my favorite blogs.

It’s amazing how simple and yet complex the theology behind the sovereignty of God is. Perhaps that’s our fault though.

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned in the past few years though, especially in terms of web technology and the internet (where I apparently live most of my life), is that God is more mystery than anything else.

As much as we’d like to think that we know God and about Him, either through our studies, empirically, or just plain intuition, we really have no clue, which is kind of like the internet and the Gospel, from a very general perspective.

Regardless of where you sit you must admit that the internet is, most simply, a communication platform and medium. It is a valuable one as well, and we have the opportunity to leverage it both appropriately and wisely to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

But who would have imagined, even a few decades ago, that God, through His infinite wisdom, would use a bunch of 1’s and 0’s for His Glory?

See, that’s just mystery. And I like that about our God. As “knowable” as He is and as “personal” of a relationship that I have with His Son, He continually surprises me. A completely knowable god wouldn’t really be a god at all.

And so it comes full circle; the sovereignty of God married with the mystery of His Good and perfect Will, moving into spaces like the internet to save men from the eternal damnation. It gives me goosebumps.

God is sovereign over all creation, including the digital pipelines of information zooming at near-light speed. That’s not too hard (or complex) to understand, right? But honestly, who would have thought?

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