Why Did Jesus Rise?

Around Easter this year a question came to my mind: Why did Jesus rise from the dead? And beyond that, was the resurrection even necessary?

After all if on the cross Jesus accomplished forgiveness of sins and by faith gave everyone access to the throne room of God’s presence, if the cross provides opportunity for us to have all that, what is the resurrection even for?

Those were the questions running around my mind.

First off, yes the resurrection was necessary. Not only did it fulfill a bunch of prophecies about Jesus, it showed God’s power over death which is important if heaven is going to be an eternal home, but it also sealed all of Jesus’ ministry by showing he was fully God.

But I think the answer to the question of why did Jesus rise goes even a step further.

1st Peter 1:21 says “Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.”

What Peter is getting at is God raised Jesus from the dead and glorified him to the seat of highest honor, and through this reality you can have faith and hope in God no matter what you face.

How did God respond to the pain and suffering and death Jesus faced? He raised him from the dead.

So when you go through pain, rejection, and suffering, you can have faith that the same God who raised Jesus wants to raise you up as well. Why did Jesus rise? The resurrection gives us an example of what God can and will accomplish in your life.