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Millennials and Their Lack of Commitment: 3 Quick Steps to Prioritize Your Life

Every previous generation seems to enjoy pointing out the generalized shortcomings of the millennial generation. We’re narcissistic. We’re lazy. We’re relativistic. I tend to roll my eyes. Plenty of people want to point a finger, not many want to lend a hand. Of course, the problem with ignoring issues is that it doesn’t mean they […]

Category: millennials

Healing the Scars of Shame

Last weekend I spoke at our church on the subject of shame, a subject that holds lots of history for me personally. If you’ve read my book and know pieces of the story of my sin-ridden past, you know that I’ve walked the cycle of shame: sin, and guilt, which leads to hiding instead of confession […]

Category: millennials

Drowning Out the Noise

I used to take mass transit to make it to class every week. Everyone sits when their eyes fixated on the floor. If you ever make eye contact with someone, complete awkwardness ensues. Best to avoid such a thing. Everyone is filling their ears with noise. Some with big Beats headphones, others with subtle, small […]

Category: millennials

Nearest is Best

I firmly believe the advice that you must write for others, so it makes sense that writers often care about the level of traction their writing gets. They focus on the amount of hits to their blog, or the amount of times people share their words into various spaces. And in this world of seeking attention it’s easy […]

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Yes, We’re Talking About Selfies

When the Oxford Dictionaries named “selfie” as the word of the year for 2013 they were not providing commentary as to whether it was a good or a bad thing for our culture. Instead, they presented the word as one that had grown in popularity to the point where its use was now ingrained in […]

Category: millennials

What I’ve Been Working On

I’ve mentioned here several times the lack of time for writing available in my schedule since becoming a dad. Following writing a book and then becoming a dad, it’s been a constant battle of trying to find time and space to write, while also having a great reason not to. I had a great conversation […]

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