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Category: theology

The Christian Power Complex

The story told in Luke’s gospel about two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus is striking. The story tells of these two downtrodden men, in disbelief that the man they had once believed was the Messiah, was now dead. But Jesus disguises his identity and joins these men for part of their journey to […]

Category: theology

Following Jesus in an Evil World

A few months ago I chose a passage in Matthew 13 to speak on this past Sunday. The parable of the weeds highlights living with evil (righteousness and evil growing in the same soil), even though evil will, in the end, be thrown into the eternal fire. As events in Baton Rouge, then Minneapolis, then Dallas, […]

Category: theology

The Inept Empowerment of Self-Expression

I read a news headline a week ago that said “breastfeeding bride nurses during wedding ceremony, getting praise from moms around the world.” At first I thought, “great work from The Onion on that one.” But no, it’s real. I have no intention of having a debate about breastfeeding. I simply want to make the observation about […]

Category: theology

The Holy Spirit as Manifested Love

In his book The Face of the Deep, Paul Pastor makes a striking comparison between Isaiah’s unclean lips and the touching of the Spirit upon the mouths of those at Pentecost in Acts 2. I’ve only ever known emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s coming at Pentecost to divide Christians. At a Pentecost Sunday church gathering […]

Category: theology

The New Prosperity Gospel of Dreams

Ran across this insightful thought last week: What was once a health and wealth prosperity gospel, is becoming a “dreams,” and “potential,” gospel, and it is in mainstream evangelicalism — Dean Inserra (@deaninserra) March 31, 2016 Not a day goes by when I do not see another Christian writer pushing these ideas. It’s looking out […]

Category: theology

Even Unto Death

In his compelling work titled Disappearing Church, pastor and writer Mark Sayers lays out a thoughtful argument for why the church is disappearing. The issues raised are far greater than I could raise in one post (seriously, buy the book, Mark is excellent), but one point I connected with is the difference between what he […]

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