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Category: worship

Worship Isn’t About You

I get in conversations almost daily about style of music in church. I could summarize the conversations I have with people into two different groups: Doesn’t like the music and continually pushes for something to change. Threatens to leave if nothing changes. Likes the music but just left their previous church and is so thankful […]

Category: worship

Time For New Music

Around mid-November every year I start to look at what songs we’ll sing during the Christmas season and I’m also looking forward into the next calendar year, so I start to see what new songs we can introduce at my church. As I’ve always done, I love to hear from you to see what songs […]

Category: worship

Using People To Do Ministry

When I started working with the student ministry worship team 2 years ago I walked into a ministry of overused student volunteers. What I mean by that is the team worked together to help produce 2 programs every week, both middle school and high school. They had little experience with being a part of a […]

Category: worship

Beyond Sunday

I’ve been reading David Santistevan’s blog for a while now. He focuses very well on worship and leading worship in the local church on his blog. I’ve found it to be a good space to be challenged and to process some of my triumphs and struggles as a worship leader. This week he put out […]

Category: worship

Page CXVI is Coming Portland…To My Church!

I discovered Page CXVI shortly after their first Hymns album was released. I think I listened to that album non-stop for a couple weeks. As most of you know, I didn’t grow up singing hymns and I’ve never much enjoyed them when I have sang them in church. But I do love hymns that bring […]

Category: worship

The Hour Before

The post is a part of a larger series of posts all focused on the topic of the hour before church begins for a worship leader (check out some of the other posts too, there’s lots of good ones). Each post takes a different look and perspective into what goes on for them the hour […]

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