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Category: Christ

Don’t Do the Work: A Call To Being Unproductive

There’s a common saying regarding eating healthy within our culture today. Some of us have even made it a mantra to live by. “You are what you eat.” In other words, you become what you consume. It’s why my dad would always tell me, “If you eat anymore of those Starburst candies you’ll probably turn […]

Category: Christ

Stewardship of Suffering (A Holy Week Meditation)

The word stewardship has been hijacked by the American church to primarily mean monetary giving, which is such a narrow view of all stewardship truly is. As “ambassadors” we are stewards of God’s presence within our world because of God’s Spirit dwelling within us (I’m thinking of 2nd Corinthians 5:20 here). With this in mind, […]

Category: Christ

The Window of Our Lives

Recently I spent some time with a local Eastern Orthodox priest who delved into the role of icons during their times of corporate worship. Icons are used in the normal worship practices of many Eastern Orthodox churches. While most evangelical church services spend their times of worship around music, I was intrigued by the use […]

Category: Christ

The Struggle for Right Identity

I shared about identity a few weeks back during our Thanksgiving services at Sunset. Some of those thoughts have been birthed through my book writing and some of it has been birthed out of going through life over the past few months. And while I might have made it sound easy to live with the […]

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