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They Aren’t You, They’re Them

Today’s post from Jonathan Pearson is part of the blog series Discipleship: Re-Imagining Our Calling From Christ. To receive future posts from the series in your inbox head HERE. Engage with the writers and community of readers using the hashtag #DiscipleshipBlog. — As a child, I wanted to be just like my Dad. Like many of us who were blessed to […]

Category: church

Who You Run With Changes Who You Become

In 1964 a group motivated by the civil rights movement formed and called themselves the Mississippi Summer Project, or what became known as Freedom Summer. After a large push in the previous summer to get out the black vote, a small group organized around the idea of registering new black voters in the state of […]

Category: church

Connecting Churches with the People Who Need Them Most

From Tyler: Today’s post is from a great friend of mine, Ross Gale. Ross and I have been friends since we were teenagers. We used to play ping pong with our shirts off, because when you play like we do, you get sweaty. Surprising no one, we’re still just as immature today. Truth be told, […]

Category: church

Can You Love Jesus and Hate His Church?

It’s a common argument many have made: Jesus is sweet, but Christians, and the churches full of them, are lame. Not long ago a video made the rounds nearly everywhere that explained why a relationship was better than religion. It was another jab on the church and a plus one for Jesus. On the one […]

Category: church

You Need a Mentor (New Book Release And Giveaway)

Not long ago I came to a point in my life where I sensed something was missing. I had a wife and a solid marriage that flourished within the dreaded first year of companionship. I had a job that was allowing me to gain experience in the field I pictured myself working in the rest […]

Category: church

Give Up Your Refrigerator Rights

We’ve all heard the importance of living by the mantra of “People Over Projects.” People and relationships are the marrow of life that all of our lives should be working toward building, growing, and connecting to. I would imagine many of you are like me though, in that you are task-driven, and get fulfillment about […]

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