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Category: fatherhood

To My Soon to be Born Daughter

To My Soon to be Born Daughter- I get to meet you in a few short hours, days, or weeks. Not sure which, you get to decide. You will make me a father for the third time, something I haven’t always done a great job of embracing. I remember meeting your brother for the first […]

Category: fatherhood

Raising Kids as a Dad

Recently a well-meaning individual in my church said to me, “I find it so amazing that you were taking care of your children yesterday and shared the sermon with us at church today. You work so hard.” This person was referencing seeing me the previous day with my kids while my wife was working. Like anyone […]

Category: fatherhood

The Process of Figuring Out What Really Matters

“That sounds great, but I don’t have time.” I hear this several times each week. On the surface we’re busier people than ever, and yet I can’t help but wonder if our busyness lacks purpose. Typically what I hear through the maze of excuses is, “I don’t have any priorities.” Because this is the truth: […]

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