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Category: politics

Beyond Polarization and Division

It’s all too easy to navigate life with others with an “Us Vs. Them” mentality. We are quick to judge and divide based on race, religion, politics, and much more. Using the ministry of Jesus as his framework, Dan White Jr. teaches about the disruptive power of giving affection to those on the other side […]

Category: politics

Valuing the Ignored Virtue of Charity

The Catholic tradition has long emphasized charity as a needed virtue in those who would follow Christ. They not only recognize charity as financial generosity, but also in the love of man toward God, and in the love of neighbor. But who is your neighbor? Is it only the person you live directly next to? Jesus […]

Category: politics

Dear Christian, Your Politics Are Ruining Your Witness

Today is election day. A general election to be specific. In my home state we find out whether recreational use of cannabis will be allowed, whether illegal immigrants will be able to obtain driver’s cards, and whether non-GMO products must be labeled as such. Nothing earth-shattering, but clearly important issues. I voted. I will not, however, be […]

Category: politics

How to Fail as a Christian in a Post-Christian World

Ever since writing a book on holiness the first question I typically get asked is how Christians should engage the increasingly unchristian culture around them. America, and many other first world countries, were largely Christian nations in generations past. But today this is no longer the case. Today the center of culture is out in […]

Category: politics

The Three

1. Anne Jackson recently had a post from her blog republished for Relevant Magazine. She’s been through a lot over the past year having recently gotten divorced and it’s probably why I appreciate her post on how to help people going through a divorce. While I wouldn’t know if her advice is helpful, having never […]

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