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Category: Trump

Why I Wore a Safety Pin During My Sermon Last Sunday

This past Sunday I wore a safety pin during my sermon at my fairly conservative, mostly white, evangelical church. I share those details because approximately 81% of people in that demographic of Americans voted for Donald Trump (though, here’s a well-informed read on why that number is very misleading). Those of you who have been around […]

Category: Trump

The Christian Power Complex

The story told in Luke’s gospel about two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus is striking. The story tells of these two downtrodden men, in disbelief that the man they had once believed was the Messiah, was now dead. But Jesus disguises his identity and joins these men for part of their journey to […]

Category: Trump

Why I Will Not Be Voting for a President This Year

Barring the unlikely 3rd party candidate I’d like to see come forward, I will not be voting for a President in this year’s United States Presidential election. The reasons why are a bit convoluted, so let me share my own context. I’m a pastor at an evangelical church where the majority of the congregation is […]

Category: Trump

What I’ve Been Reading

I could easily name a myriad of reasons as to why my posts have been infrequent on here, but it would be a waste of your time to read that list. In the stead of my own pontifications, I wanted to share a few separate long-form essays, and blog posts that have been on my radar […]

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