Sunday Rundown

Today Rose and I led worship at New Harvest Church, my dad’s church in Salem, OR. It was my mom’s birthday yesterday so we were able to have dinner with the family and celebrate with her last night. So today we got up at 5:30am and got to church at 6:45am to practice at 7, and then had 2 services at 9 and 11am. It was a great day.

Opener: Mighty to Save in A flat (had to teach it, hadn’t been done there)
Main set-
Let it Rise: Key of E
Mighty to Save: Key of A flat again (hoped they had learned it….they might have…not sure)
Everlasting God: Key of B (Capo 4 in G)
Special song: Stained Glass Masquerade key of B (Capo 2 in A…its easier that way, less bar chords, we did it just acoustic and Rose and I singing)
Message on authenticity and Acts 5
Heart of Worship: key of D
Hungry: key of C (Rose led out on this)
O Sacred King: Key of G
Instruments: Dave on drums, Steve on bass, me on acous
tic, Rose and I sang

It was good to be back where I really honed my worship leading gifts and abilities for over 3 years consistently. Not a lot has changed but it is great to see lots of young faces to go with the usual adult crowd. It was awesome to play with a band because I hadn’t since June. I especially enjoyed Everlasting God…it had some drive to it, just let it was meant to be played. I felt like the response was good and I felt like communion was a great time to sing songs everyone knows and a time to look at our lives in light of how God desires us to live life. My dad’s message was convicting but also personal as he shared some of his own insecurities with being authentic. It has always been hard for me to go to other churches because although the music might be better or closer to my tastes I have never found a pastor that fit a mix of passion and content like he has. But of course, I’m biased.
On our way home we ran into the worst traffic in Keizer history on I-5. I think there was an accident between Brooks and Woodburn but I still don’t know. I knew about it so I thought I would get on at Brooks but it was backed up between Keizer and there, so I got on 99E and that was slow as all get out so I thought I might have to go to Newberg and then take 99W to Beaverton. Luckily I risked getting on the 5er at Woodburn and it worked out, but when I got stuck at this train…
I about came unglued at this point because I had no idea how long I would sit there and I still didn’t know if I was going to be able to get past the traffic jam on I-5…but it worked out praise the Lord. It helped that I knew all the backroads between Keizer and Newberg and Woodburn….cause I’ve driven them the last 5 years but still, I got lucky.