5 Reasons I Love "It's a Wonderful Life"

For the past six or so years I’ve always watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Thanksgiving weekend. It is definitely my favorite Christmas movie. I know, its black and white and old but I just love it.

1. George Bailey is the story of every man (and woman). In the beginning of the movie his dad asks him to stick with the building and loan and he says no. He has big plans, like lassoing the moon. Of course, life gets in the way. His dad dies and he sticks with the building and loan, and then his brother gets married and has a good job offer. Just because he never travels the world doesn’t make his life less significant.
1a. Everyone has had life unravel just like George’s does when the money is lost in Potter’s newspaper.

2. Good versus evil. It is the story of good versus evil. Bailey versus Potter. Potter is out to make a buck and has bad public relations but George Bailey and his family are selfless and live a middle class life so that they can bless the lives of others.

3. Everyone likes to think they are giving and selfless but few have done what George Bailey did on his wedding day.
3a. Everyone would love to see what kind of impact they have had in the world.
3b. Everyone loves to be appreciated for what they have done.

4. Clarence Oddbody is cooler than any angel I could think up.

5. The ending makes me tear up every time. Call me a woman or whatever, but the ending is perfect.