God Tube

There is a very popular new website. You can find it at godtube.com. It is just a Christian YouTube. There is nothing much else that they do that youtube does not other than that they monitor their content so that it has some sort of Christian purpose. There are a lot of positives with this. It provides a website churches can feel comfortable with for putting some of their content onto, etc. The ceo of GodTube is a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. This surprised me to find someone from Dallas who could think with today’s world enough to come up with this idea. Yes that is kind of a knock on Dallas, but hey…I didn’t come up with the idea. I think the idea is great, the concept is great, even though it is a knock off. Not very often does a Christian alternative match up with the original. How many churches have had a series called iLife in the last 2 years? I mean…really? Anyway, watch this video and see how he responds to the question about where the money goes. I think he dodges it, and I don’t like that.

Watch the video, check our the site, tell me what you think.