In but Not Of .3

Willow Creek pastor Bill Hybels has recently written a book about relationship evangelism. It is called Just Walk Across the Room, here is some info about it. He is basically encouraging believers to enter into the non believers world instead of us waiting for them to come to ours. This seems to reciprocate what we’ve been discussing quite well.

On to numero tres.

3. Buy season tickets to a local sports team. Not only will you create relationships with other season ticket holders with seats close to yours, but there is no way to go to every game. You can use this to bless friends from all walks of life. Now make sure you have the money for this…season tickets ain’t cheap. Baseball has the most games so if you are really wanting to be able to give a lot of tickets away, that is the way to go. In places far away from sports , like my in laws, thanks for reading gar and lynne 🙂 you will obviously have to be more creative. Tickets to underwater basket weaving are great.

This is my last post on this. So I’d love to hear YOUR ideas?