Tonight on SportsCenter they had a showcase on Jim Jones, one of the most infamous men in US History. I have to admit that I had never heard of him. It isn’t common for history classes to teach modern religion history is my only excuse. I consider myself a person who knows a fair amount for my age but this I did not know. Here is a video about Jim Jones and Jonestown, Africa.

SportsCenter was showing this because Jim Jones’ grandson is now a freshman on the basketball team at the University of San Diego. Jones’ son was in the capital of Guyana at the time of the mass murder-suicide. He and some of his brothers had formed a basketball team and they were playing in a tournament in Georgetown, Guyana. That is how only a few descendants of Jim Jones survived. Really…an amazing story despite how shocked I was that I had never heard of this event specifically.

I know this isn’t news to most people who read this. It just amazes me how much the Gospel can be skewed.