Perfect Weather

Being from Oregon I’ve always thought about how great it would be to live somewhere else. My sister went to college in LA and my other sister is going to SoCal too. I understand how great sunny days are, and I can appreciate them considering between now and April I’ll experience only a hand-full of them. However, in Cali you have to deal with the unbearably hot summers. In Oregon you don’t even need air conditioning but 3 or 4 days a summer. So I just wonder if living somewhere that is sunny all the time (San Diego), humid all the time (Caribbeean), warm all the time (Hawaii), is really better than somewhere like the midwest, northwest, or northeast. They all have very distinct seasons, mild summers (not the midwest), and the northwest cities such as Portland and Seattle see snow once or twice a year so it rarely gets below freezing.

What is perfect weather?