Serves Them Right

Some of you might remember a funeral for a Marine who was killed in Iraq that was protested by a church in Kansas. They weren’t protesting the war….no, instead they were protesting America’s acceptance of homosexuality. This is an article on the court ruling today, between the Marine’s family and that church.
Here is another article on this court ruling.

Whether or not you agree with gay rights or not I don’t think is the point here. This Kansas church has protested about 300 military funerals and their purpose for this was they think that the military is allowing homosexuality to grow around the globe as our military advances. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one disgusted by this church and what they are doing.

How can anyone come to Jesus when this is their view of what a Christian is? I guess my biggest question is though: is this church doing anything positive or should we protest the protesters?