The Hand of God

Wow was today an interesting one…today is my all day in class day, except my 4 hour afternoon class was canceled because my prof was in California at a conference. Of course I had to turn in a 19 page report instead. What joy!!!

I was on the my way home and Rose called. That is my wife for those who do not know. She said that she was getting on 217 from 26 and her car fished tailed and then spun 180 degrees. She lost total control of it. She did not hit a car and she did not hit the guard rail which was 2 feet away by the end of it. Her tire had popped and she was stuck staring at traffic coming at her. Luckily there was a piece of shoulder about the width of a car between the road and the guard rail. I was 30 seconds away from her when she called.

I showed up and she was on the phone with Les Schwab. They don’t tow people that are on freeways. Awesome. Then 2 cops showed up and one of them called a tow company because we don’t have AAA. 20 minutes was the wait. So we waited, the tow guy came and Rose took my car to work. She was shaken up and a wreck but after we prayed she reluctantly decided to drive again so she could make it to work an hour late.

Me and the tow guy took the car to Schwab’s and I paid him for the tow plus a police call premium. I wish I would have known about that before I had to policeman call the tow guy before me. Anyway, the tire was fixable. One freakish event for $102 total for the tow. I’ll take it. Rose is unscathed and her car doesn’t have a mark from it. God was with her for sure.