Fortuitous Bouncing

1. I wonder if it will actually snow here (Portland, OR). After living here for over 13 years now I’ve watched the news hundreds of times when snow has been predicted or expected and it is usually a let down or doesn’t even happen. It seems more legit than usual but I’ve been betrayed enough in my time here so I’m sure I’ll open the window in the morning only to be disappointed.

2. Carlos at Ragamuffin Soul had quite an interesting post I was checking out earlier this week. A 24 hour show about everything that is Apple. No I haven’t gotten my Mac yet, but it doesn’t mean I can’t start preparing.

3. Is it ok to say that I don’t care how bad Nebraska was this year? They are going to hire the guy I wanted 4 years ago. He should have never been able to leave for LSU but I’ll take him now too.

4. Check out this awesome post on working out with a Wii. Yeah….you read that right.

5. Jeremy at Milestone Worship has a great post on Christmas music. He actually made me think that I could half way enjoy playing Christmas music.

6. Scot McKnight has a great review on the book unChristian. Some of the statistics on there should scare anyone that wants to reach the world for Jesus.

7. Craig at has a blog that was one of the main reasons I started blogging.

8. Dan Kimball is probably the first person that inspired me with a vision when I decided to go into ministry. Here is a great post on the importance of everyone being a theologian.

Have a great weekend. A cold weekend across most of the US. I think I read that 30 out of 50 states are expecting snow in the next 5 days.