Roger Clemens

It has been a few weeks since the, now famous, Mitchell Report came out. The report came out with a list of players that are tied to steroids, baseball’s failure to deal with steroids, and a way to deal with steroids and other substances in the future. By far the most famous name on the report was Roger Clemens. He had a previous trainer say that he had taken steroids for two separate seasons and that the trainer was the one who applied the steroids into Clemens’ body.

In American we have the idea of “innocent until proven guilty.” It sounds nice, but it isn’t really true. Senator Mitchell who oversaw this entire report is extremely reputable in sports and in congress. Because of this, anybody linked to steroids from this report is going to be considered guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent.

Roger Clemens has said numerous times since the report that it is a lie and that he has never done steroids in his life. This is all good…but it certainly doesn’t convince the media or me. If the report really is a lie, then why not sue for damages and prove that you still should be considered the best pitcher ever. He can tell me time and time again that he didn’t do this or that, but until he has more than simply words, he has done nothing. Curt Schilling has some great things to say on this as well.

What do YOU think?