Fortuitous Bouncing

Another week has come and gone. It is weird to still be on Christmas break but just as busy as during school. I have a feeling that some of my Christmas break habits will have to change once school starts again in a week.

Here are some of my thoughts.

I think…

-The idea behind outdoor hockey is pretty sweet but this article does a good job of advocating for why it should only happen once a year at most.

-That this is the sweetest website I have ever seen. Give it ten seconds.

-I’m actually interested in politics for the first time in my life. I think the reason behind this is that I have a greater understanding of theology and it effects how I think God interacts with the world and how we should as well.
Here is some good politics stuff for those who care:
-A look into the religious beliefs of every main canidate and their coordinating stances on several issues.
-A Newsweek article on Huckabee and how his beliefs effect is candidacy.
-My friend Scott has a blog on why he is voting for Obama.

-How scary it is that more and more people are saying they have religious beliefs but they are not attending a church. Check out this article on this.

-That the topic of Islam being a violent/peaceful religion is interesting. This blog takes a look at the subject and has some good things to say.

-That I was never a fan of TBN and then I read this. It didn’t help much.

-I hate weddings. I swear I have to take a loan out just to afford being in one.

-I can’t wait for Leeland’s album to come out in late February. Their single is money.

-That you should have a great weekend.