Fortuitous Bouncing

Another week in the books…well I have to work tomorrow, but Friday still feels like the end of the week. I’m leading worship on Sunday at Sunset for the 11am service and Ron is speaking on serving the poor and oppressed. Pretty good timing considering the series on Irresistible Revolution and the topics it brings up.

  • I’m going to see Cloverfield tonight…I’ll let you know if it is any good.
  • I watched the democratic debate on Tuesday night in Vegas….BORING. They chose all the topics that they mostly agree on. Who wants to hear politicians agreeing for 2 hours?
  • Speaking of politics…people have always said politics and religion don’t mix. This article says they do.
  • This makes God Tube look pretty smart.
  • A school district in Maryland is trying to teach that it is innate to live a homosexual life.
  • Ross Perot on the Presidential candidates.
  • I guess this Sunday is “Sanctity of Life” Sunday. Two blogs at Jesus Creed raised some great conversation.
  • Huckabee insinuated that the Constitution is unbiblical. What do you think?
  • Here is a list on what worship is. I think it is pretty solid.
  • My first worship rundown in FOREVER is coming Sunday.
  • After 4 hours of American Idol this week…”We’re Brothers Forever” was definitely the highlight.