Most of you know I’ve been going through the book Irresistible Revolution. So far the book has has given a picture of different events in Shane Claiborne’s life that have shaped him. Last night he spoke at Matt and Rhett‘s church. This is like two worlds colliding…the message of less is more meeting some of the most affluent people in the world.

As most of you know I am always interested in stuff on the concept of the emerging church. I’ve read some interesting things this week on that.
Wess Daniels has a great post trying to categorize some of the minds that are leading this idea called the emerging church. I found it interesting that he included Rob Bell in a category because Bell has been quoted as saying that the emerging church is something he is not a part of. That it is, “just a conversation.” I guess it could be possible to be a part of something without knowing it…but that would be a little weird. Overall I think his four different categories make a lot of sense.
Rhett also touches on some of these things here.
I encourage you to dive into some of these topics and gain some knowledge. A few years ago the question was whether the “emerging church” was for real. I think it is proven that it is, because now it seems every church in America wants to try new ways to reach young people. I have 2 problems with this.
1. When did the emerging church become a young person movement?
2. It has always been difficult to get young people in church…changing a few things in churches doesn’t make it any easier.

Another great post discusses the video I posted on the emerging church a while back. He has a different opinion then I did about it…and he might be right.

On a side note. Rose and I would appreciate some prayer. She is going through some job difficulties which is something we really can’t afford to have happen.
I’ll post on chapter 4 of Claiborne tomorrow.