Mini Miracle

Today was a weird day. A really weird day. I hardly ever get sick. I can count on one hand how many times I have thrown up in my lifetime I think. I went to work, felt fine and then early in the afternoon I felt a headache coming on. No big deal, I know.
Soon after that I was feeling really hot and my stomach was getting queasy. A little after that I could hardly move without feeling like I needed to throw up. I even went over some stuff with Jenni and told her I wouldn’t leave work, but things continued to get worse. So I left work early because I had to lay down. It has been a long long time since something came on that quick and put me on my back.
The bad part was that I had worship team practice tonight. I had 3 hours at home to get better.
The down time didn’t do much, I still didn’t feel like doing anything. I ran to the store on my way to practice to get ibuprofen. Took 2 of those suckers and off to practice I was. Missing it was not an option for me.
As I got to church something happened. I felt fine. Not 100% but pretty close to 90%. Sure I could give credit to ibuprofen, but I like to think God worked a mini miracle for me to feel a lot better for practice. Its about 10 now and I’m starting to think about dinner. I think my body might actually enjoy some food, thank the Lord!