A New Way of Marketing .2

A lot of you already know about the team of people in Uganda with Compassion International. All of these bloggers are huge within the blogsphere (at least huge compared to me). It is amazing to think the reach of all of them combined. I wonder how far their reach might go as they blog about their experience and the difference sponsoring a child makes. This is an ingenious move by Compassion. Not only are they getting their name all over the internet where it wasn’t before, but they are also raising tons of awareness for sponsoring a child.

Rose and I haven’t done this yet (sponsored a child).  My family did now and then while I was growing up, but I always felt like missions work was for other people, not me. Already their posts have tugged on my heart enough to make me pray about our financial ability to sponsor a child. I guess it has been a slow realization that my excuse of being poor doesn’t work. Poor is somewhat relative, I understand that, but I can’t sit back and say I care about the least of these without at least doing something as small as giving 2% of my income to a worthy cause. Can you relate?

You might think it is unfair for me to call this marketing. I say: you can call it whatever you want, but it’s marketing (at least according to this auto marketing agency). This is Compassion thinking outside the box on how to reach people in ways other national tv ads.

This is a new(smart) way of marketing.