Almost Famous


I found out earlier this week that I am famous in Alaska. It is official…I have finally made my mark on my in-laws 🙂 Thanks Gary and Lynne.


This is an ad in the Homer, Alaska visitor guide for 2008(yep that is me). It is easily one of the prettiest places I have ever been to. Rose’s parents have a river fishing guide service on the Kenai Peninsula. To those who are wondering, no I don’t fish….except when I’m in Alaska or with Gary (my father in law). Also those wondering, that giant fish was actually caught by me. 21 lbs. Alaskan King Salmon, caught this past May.


Go check out their website and promise me that you’ll check them out when you go to Alaska. Everyone thinks that fishing in Alaska occurs on a boat, but I guarantee it will be crappy weather and you’ll get sea sick. Fishing with Gary is less expensive and more fun.

Here is the actual picture that was taken.