Big News?

The talk today on so many blogs has been about this new survey that came out today saying that more people than ever are leaving their faith from childhood. Beyond this, Protestant Christianity is barely the #1 religion of choice right now. Another survey out of UCLA says that college students are more likely to be spiritual, but less religious (meaning attending church). All of these seem pretty obvious to me. However, I don’t have a 1-2-3 for fixing this, and I don’t think that it will ever be that easy. Peruse for a bit, let me know what you think.

You can check out an article by Time Magazine here, and an LA Times article here. This is the organization that put together the survey. They have some videos on how this all came together. Time was pretty pessimistic, while the LA Times had a somewhat positive tone.

Check out some other blogs with some thoughts on this. Here and here. It sure is interesting how people with different beliefs take information like this.