Busy Weekend

  1. It has been one busy weekend. Work and worship practice Thursday, class all day Friday, work on Saturday…Rose and I babysat for the first time since being married last night. I think it was a good birth control for us. We enjoy our freedom and independence. The time will come someday, but not this day.
  2. I got not even close to enough sleep and woke up at 5:30am to head to church for worship practices and then 2 services. After a long weekend, which I know a lot of you have too, is there anything better than sports on tv and a nap on the couch? I doubt it.
  3. I need a new name for my Fortuitous Bouncing posts…unless you all just love it. Any good ideas?
  4. I’ve just started reading Eugene Cho’s blog. He has some great stuff and isn’t too far away, being in Seattle. All the bloggers I read are so far away, but someone closer to home is a nice change. He has a great post on why he blogs. I can resonate for with a lot of his reasons. Plus, he is a genius for using depravity in his blog name. 🙂
  5. Ouch.
  6. I still think the any republican running has no chance in November. The primaries are proving me right. And no, I’m not telling you to vote democrat.
  7. Is comfort in church overrated? I’m not talking about the seats, well maybe I am.
  8. Time to do theology reading…