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Ever since I started blogging I had hoped to create a place for thinking and discussion. Moving to this new space makes me want to reiterate this. Tony Jones said something really great on his blog today. He said, “I was reminded again of how much we all have to learn from one another, and how that only happens when we are cordial and hospitable and give one another the benefit of the doubt.” I really believe I have a lot more to learn from all you readers than I know already. I hope this can be a place where we listen to each other first.

PS. If you are in the right state…make sure you vote today. I, unfortunately, am not.

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  • Ross

    The one state I certainly don’t want to be in right now is Minnesota, after trading away Santana for…yeah I don’t know their names.

  • Tyler

    Yeah they didn’t get anything amazing for Johan…but it is better than just losing him after next year. I’m certainly glad he isn’t on the Yankees…although I was pulling for the Sox to get him. Watch out for Carlos Gomez (who came in the trade)….he might be the fastest player in MLB next year.

  • Miranda

    i think you should do a post on how much you have learned from us already :-)

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