Roger Clemens .2

Roger Clemens testified under oath today. So did his accuser Brian McNamee. They sat 10 feet a part. I’ve already shared some of my opinion before. Here is what I took away from watching 2 hours of testimony and questioning.

  1. It was really sad to see party lines being drawn in this. Republicans favored Clemens, Democrats favored McNamee. There were very few who differed from this. If there was one place when the line wasn’t need, it was here.
  2. The information presented about Clemens’ nanny and the Jose Canseco party is huge. It was brand new today. It sounded like the Clemens camp did their best to coerce the lady into saying that Roger didn’t go. They know that they need every piece of evidence they can get to prove the Mitchell Report wrong on something, but this backfired on them.
  3. With Andy Pettitte not being under oath today, it is safe to assume that Roger is dead in the water with this. Andy has detrimental testimony against Roger or he would have been there to speak on his behalf today.
  4. The fact that both Pettitte and Knoblauch have conceded their guilt makes this an impossible battle for Roger to try and win. It is just impossible that everything in the Mitchell Report can be accurate regarding McNamee’s testimony but Roger’s be false.
  5. The story of Roger’s wife getting injected with HGH is really weird to me. She complained of circulatory problems and yet she wasn’t taken to a doctor. It was as if Roger knew it wasn’t a big deal. Not only that, but if he hates steroid users like he says, then why didn’t he fire McNamee at that point. It just doesn’t add up.