Sunday Rundown .2.17.08

Rose and I led worship for Overflow, the high school ministry at Sunset. It was our first time leading without Jenni, and it had a lot of potential to turn into a disaster. Somehow we ended up without a drummer and were unable to get a hold of anyone to fill in. So we went with plan B, which wasn’t an easy plan. Switch out 3 of the songs, and do an acoustic set with a bass. 2 vocals, 2 acoustics, 1 bass.

I owe big huge thanks to the following for making it a success: Katelyn, Miles, Esther, Abby, Ryan, and Blake. We didn’t get to practice a ton but that is the great thing about acoustic sets, they’re a bit easier most often.

  1. Glory (E) Hillsong United
  2. Lead Me to the Cross (D) Brooke Fraser
  3. Till I See You (G)
  4. Mike’s message
  5. Lord You Have My Heart (E) Martin Smith
  6. Devotion (E) Hillsong United

I thought the set had great flow, and I loved going from Lead Me to the Cross to Till I See You. Honestly, that was pure luck (the flow). Rose did a great job leading out on Lead Me and Till I See You as well. The team really pulled together without their usual leader and it was cool to see a positive response by the kids even though it was feeling like a disaster a few hours earlier.