Update:::Resources in Church

Last week I posted about Perry Noble‘s blog on things church staff members should never say. One of those things was they should never say is “all I need is more staff and more money to make this happen.”

I emailed Perry about this. Obviously I didn’t get an email back from Perry (I’m not that big time). But I did hear back from the Pastor of Care Ministry at Perry’s church, Jake Beaty. You can check out his blog here. Here are some of the things Jake had to say to clarify some of what Perry meant.

“For us, the issue is when the only solution someone is willing to consider for a problem is more staff or more money. Perry’s point was that there is a danger when those are the only 2 solutions considered by a staff member to solve the problem at hand. We have no problem giving either when they are necessary. Most problems we have found can be solved with a little creativity and/or recruiting volunteer involvement. When a problem can be resolved using those two things, it is best for everyone involved. Those times do come though where more staff/resources are needed, and obviously those should be considered and prayed through, but in my opinion only when it is absolutely necessary.”

You can check out my original post on this here.