Fortuitous Bouncing

American Idol Thought- Carly got screwed.

  1. Ross Gale on being a Christian in Portland. A truly inspiring post.
  2. A presentation on ministry in the postmodern world.
  3. Scot McKnight with a post on Biblical feminism. This is a good precursor for some posts I will do soon on women in church leadership.
  4. Is this the gospel?
  5. Today’s modern worship is like the Old Testament sacrificial system with altars. A great post by the worship pastor at Fellowship Church in Texas.
  6. One example of how prayer stations can work in church.
  7. MTV is full of questionable content. Is anyone surprised?
  8. John Piper says there are some things that ONLY small churches can do.
  9. A post on Eugene’s blog on depravity and redemption. Incredible.
  10. I’ll be starting a series on the book Who Stole My Church? next week.


Nebraska had 80,149 people at their spring football game last week. Big Red is back!!!