Change of Pace

I usually have more time to write out my Monday morning post but it isn’t going to happen this time. It is past 11pm and I just got home from church…and I’m tired. So instead of something deep, I’ll post some stuff about myself (count your blessings, I never post about myself…well, now and then I do).

  • This summer I’m working full time at the church, doing my normal job with some stuff on top of that. I’m really, really grateful for that. It is also awesome to be working even more with Jay, Janet, Jill, and many others.
  • Obama was in Portland today. I just watched the news. 76,000 people showed up for this public event at the Waterfront this afternoon. That is insane.
  • Rose and I slept in from church this morning, it was my first Sunday off since the beginning of March. It was weird to be running some errands on a Sunday morning. I kept thinking….”how do I help reach all these people I see?”
  • My mother in law is now blogging. She is a much better writer than I and will give you a glimpse into what Alaska living is about.
  • Speaking of Alaska…Rose and I are headed up there (there being Homer, AK) for a week in August, very cool. My new favorite tv show is “The Alaska Experiment” on Discovery Channel. If you haven’t watched it, you need to. It’s legit.
  • I finally caved and bought a Flip video camera. I’m excited to start using it and also to document the Alaska trip with it.
  • We are trying to sell Rose’s car on Craigslist. If you have done this before, I’d love some advice. The plan is for me to ride a bike to work this summer (sucks for me).
  • This week I plan to write some posts on liberation theology and on a book I just finished about independent voters.