Fortuitous Bouncing

American Idol Thought: Bo Bice was awesome. Adam Levine is one cocky dude.

  1. Where the heck did Mother’s Day come from
  2. I find it hard to fathom 100,000 people dying from a cyclone (hurricane). I find it even harder to figure out what to do when a country won’t accept help.
  3. And people wonder why there are so many who are against the war in Iraq…
  4. How to: have an effective quiet time with the Lord.
  5. Meeting Jesus in Orlando.
  6. Why do Christians have so many views within theology?
  7. Making blogging easier.
  8. What kind of blogger are you? I’m a blog ADDICT. Uh Oh….

Enjoy some summer weather if you have it. 60 and cloudy is the forecast for us this weekend…..LAME.