Fortuitous Bouncing

American Idol Thought- I have another reason to not like David Archuleta….his dad is psycho. Let me remind you when voting this week, you are essentially voting for Clay Aiken or Chris Daughtry. This is not a difficult decision people.

  1. America is not the kingdom of God. Written by a new, frequent commenter, Ashley.
  2. Jimmy Fallon is coming back. I cannot wait, he is hilarious.
  3. Death Cab for Cutie and Jason Mraz both have amazingly ridiculous albums out this week.
  4. The best RSS readers. For all those who have no clue what I mean…basically the best ways to read blogs.
  5. There is an awesome new website that everyone is talking about. Scott, a guy whose blog I read often, was one of the people who put it all together. Awesome idea Scott. Check it out everybody.
  6. Jonathan on the lack of spiritual maturity in churches.
  7. The landmark case in California on gay marriage has gotten a lot of reaction. I won’t post about it, but check out some different takes on it here and here.
  8. It was 98 yesterday, as I already blogged about. On Tuesday it was 58 and it rained half the day. Only in the northwest…
  9. The lead singer of Caedmon’s Call, Derek Webb, wrote a very poignant post on whether social activism is Jesus following or political.
  10. Enjoy this hilarious video by this guy. If you don’t know the song “Salvation is Here” you won’t get it. If you do know the song…this is pretty darn hilarious or Rose would call it “cute.”