How Life Can Change in 1 Year

May 15th, 2007: I ended the work day with an impromptu meeting with my sales manager. I basically said that there was no easy way to go about what I wanted to say, so I just said it: “I’m quitting. This has been a great learning experience and I totally think I could succeed in this, but this isn’t what I’m meant to do.”

From that meeting, my manager and I headed up to meet with the President of our company (not a small company, this was kind of a big deal). At first, the President was just pissed and angry at me. I had told him only 6 months before that I was in the job for the long haul and that there was no way to tell in 5 months how fulfilling the job could be. I told him he was right, I had gone back on my word and I wasn’t giving the job enough time.

He went on to say that if I gave another solid year and a half of work that I would be a sales manager and I would be making $100k to $200k a year. Again, he was right.

My answer to that was that my decision was entirely non-money based. If I even stayed another month I would have hit the jackpot. I was less than a week away from a deal that would have made me close to $5,000. That was my problem with sales and a lot of business world: The entire goal was always the next money milestone. It was something that simply didn’t resonate for me.

1 Year Later…

I think God has confirmed my decision. Seminary was really difficult and my janitor and worship ministry jobs have been stretching in different ways. I went in to seminary with little to no Bible and theology education and I had to battle through lack of motivation many times during 2nd semester. I have also seen God be able to use some of my gifts in a big way with worship at Sunset. I’m not one week away from making $5,000 but I am fairly sure that life isn’t about that.

I am extremely humbled to think of how God was able to change my life in the last year.

How has God changed your life in one year?