I Made It

Well I got here. I got the very last seat (it was really nerve racking) on the 2:30pm flight to the tiny Ontario, CA Airport. That was an absolute miracle. I thought my only chance of even possibly making it would have been late tonight.

I arrived to cloudy, rainy, 56 degree weather….funny, it felt just like Portland. It was cloudy the whole flight there. What is wrong in the world?

Some highlights from the travel day:

  • They had FREE BEER on the flight. And I wasn’t even first class. I won’t say whether I drank it or not, but you gotta admit, that is pretty sweet.
  • I left my book on the plane. I never forget things. Clearly the stress of being spontaneous has taken over.
  • I drove by the TBN house (they have way too much money), and drove by Disneyland feeling just like a 10 year old wanting to “see it” (and yes I have been to SoCal before).

Thanks for your prayers. The sister was very excited. I’ll get to see my grandparents and cousin pretty soon.