I'm Ryan Seacrest and This Is American Idol

American IdolLast night I helped out at Sunset’s middle school program, Wildfire. They were having an Ignite night, something that happens twice a year. It was an American Idol themed night. And yes….I played Ryan Seacrest.

We did it big. We did it huge.

The judges were:

  • Faith Hill- played by Julie Reid who is kind of like my boss, but in a really cool way.
  • Paula Abdul- played by Holly Resnick who is a singer on the worship team.
  • Simon Cowell- played by Aaron Soule, a drummer on the worship team.

The night went just about perfectly. I think we had about 40 kids audition out of the 300 that were there, and we then whittled it down to 3 and chose the winner based on crowd noise. Kurt came up with the idea and ran with it, and it was totally a hit with the kids. I took some time to film some of the stuff on our new Flip camera. That cheap little thing did alright. Check it out.

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Check out the best auditions. Best meaning…most funny.

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