Fortuitous Bouncing

The day I graduated from McNary High School (in Keizer, OR) it was 96. The day my sister graduated from high school it rained half the day and was 56. That sums up Oregon weather. Love or hate it, at least it is never the same.

  1. The biggest news story of the past week outside of Obama is the passing of legislation in California for legal gay marriage. Here are some great articles: Informative and opinionated on the topic of it being a ballot issue in November.
  2. Why we don’t like grace by Jonathan Brink. Awesome post.
  3. This guy took on my metro worship pastor quiz. He scored higher than me!!!! I told you I wasn’t that bad.
  4. How to feel free with your finances and bless others with it as well. I always love what Mrs. Jackson has to say. Thanks Anne.
  5. An inside look of Burma. Another great post from Eugene.
  6. US Foreign Policy versus The Great Commission. Great post by Tony Campolo. Very poignant too.
  7. A blog series was started by a reader of this blog called Project Homeless. Very cool.
  8. Obama talks about how faith and politics intersects for him.

If you had one night in downtown Chicago…what would you do?