Sunday's Worship Set

Because this weekend (June 22nd) was Jay‘s weekend off, Jill led worship in our 9am service and I led in our 11am service. I’ll highlight our 11am service.


  • Walk the World (key of A, by Charlie Hall)

Main Set:

  • God of this City (key of Db, by Blue Tree not Chris Tomlin)
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (key of Db, and yes we did do a hymn in the 11:))
  • Jesus Paid it All (key of B, as arranged by Kristian Stanfill)
  • Happy Day (key of B, by Tim Hughes)

Before the Message:

  • Beautiful Mystery (key of F, by Josh White of Telecast)

Message Response:

  • Lay it Down (key of Db, by Matt Maher and Brenton Brown)

Wow, first off. That was a lot of music. Very hard to memorize the words and chords to all of those. Secondly, I loved it.

Beautiful Mystery was a new one for us that I’ve liked for a long time. Really weird that the guy who wrote it lives 10 minutes away from me. I hope it sticks because it is a great song.

Lay it Down was totally a “God thing”. On Monday night I was thinking through how I would respond to Ron’s message on “Can I Be Good Enough?” and I heard this song for the first time on Worship Together’s New Song Cafe that night. I was in a bad spot, totally worn out from going for 2 weeks solid because of my Chicago trip. It hit me that I was trying really hard to be good enough for my own gain. God totally met me with the words of that song, “I lay it down, at your feet.”

It was weird to end the main set with a really upbeat, driving song (Happy Day). Typically we go from fast and upbeat towards something slower and reflective. I can’t totally guage if it “worked” but it at least broke us out of our norm.

Lastly, God of this City is a song that our congregation has totally grabbed a hold of. When I first heard it, I thought it was okay but nothing I would want to do in church as a worship song. I was wrong. We’ve been using the song as kind of a motivation and celebration for our “Serves Up” day which was this past Saturday. So today it was a celebration of having over 400 people out in our community doing lots of different volunteer jobs for a whole day. More on that tomorrow. I think the song captures that theme really well perfectly.

Is your church doing any of these songs?